5 Useful Tips for MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint

All professionals make use of slides to present their work in conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings etc. These tips will help you out while presenting in front of the class or any other audience. Some of the tips will save your time as there might be a bunch of slides to do with.

1. Custom template

Although there are a lot of templates available in the PowerPoint and on the internet but you can make your own. Using a template reduces time as the structure applies to all the previous and future slides. In office 365,

                     Go to “View” tab>>click “Slide Master

Now you can make design of your own or modify a theme already available. After that click ”Close Master View”.

For other office users

                      Go to “Themes” tab>>click “Edit Master” and then “Slide Master

Slide Master in PowerPoint

2. Duplication

Some times you have to use an object(image, shape etc.) over and over again. You will probably copy and paste it or insert it again and again. To get rid of this copy pasting, duplication is quite handy in PowerPoint. Just hold “Ctrl” key and click on the object and drag it. This will make an exact copy of it and you also don’t need to format it again and again.

Duplication in PowerPoint

3. Save as Slide Show

This is a quick handy tip. Whenever you need to present the slides, you would have to open up the file and then view it in slide show. But sometimes it’s quite embarrassing if you forget that where to run the slideshow or it may be you open up PowerPoint and there is a lot of files and folders mess then you open the file and slide show it. Well, all you need to do is, when you save you file, save as “.pps” or “.ppsx”(PowerPoint Show). Whenever you open this file it will directly open in slide show and close at the end.

Save as .ppsx in PowerPoint

4. Black out/White out

While presenting in class or a meeting you(especially teachers) may find out that the audience is not paying attention to you but to slide. Now if you want to capture their attention simply press “B” key or “W” key on the keyboard. This will black out/white out the screen. To again show the content on the slides press any key or click anywhere.

5. Navigation icons

Navigation icons in PowerPoint

i) Zoom

During PowerPoint slide show you may need to zoom in/out something you want to describe more clearly. You can do this by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left and then on anywhere on the screen you want to zoom in. Then you can use hand tool to move around it. To zoom out, press “Esc” key.

ii) Annotations tool

During slide show there is another pencil icon which has a laser pointer, pen, highlighter and eraser. You can use laser pointer while demonstrating an image or shape. Pen can be used to draw anything on the screen. Change the color of ink for different areas. You can use highlighter to highlight the text you want to emphasize on. You can use eraser tool to remove the ink marks of pen.

Written by Abdul Samad

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