5 Useful Tips for MS Word

Microsoft Word has been the most famous word processor application in the world. It brings a lot of useful features for the ease of the writer. The following are some useful tips that can help you increase your productivity and give you the ease of use.

1. Double-Click write

You can write anywhere in the document by double-clicking the mouse instead of pressing the “enter” key or “spacebar” to give some space and then write the next paragraph. Otherwise, the cursor starts from where the last word or letter was entered.

Double click write in Word

2. Explore the Ribbon keys

Ever wondered if you want to learn some shortcuts to the tools you use most often? because you don’t want to put your hands off the keyboard and use the mouse every time?

Well, then this tip ought to be useful. Just press the “Alt” key, all the shortcut keys to the tabs will appear then click any of it and all corresponding tools’ and features’ keys will appear. Now you just need to stick to the keyboard.

Ribbon short keys in Word

3. AutoSave/Recover

The Autosave/recover feature of MS Word lets you need not worry either your work’s been saved or not. You just need to set an interval in which Word will automatically save your work periodically.

Go to “File” tab>>click “Options”>>click “Save

              A dialog box appears where you can select the time and many other options as you need.

Auto Save/Recover in Word

4. Protect your Document

You may not want your useful work to get edited either intentionally or unintentionally. You can secure and protect your document as

Go to “File” tab>>click “Info”>>click “Protect Document

A few options appear on what kind of locking and protecting you want. You can choose from them and secure your document.

Protect Document in Word

5. Hidden Text

Sometimes you want to hide some content of your document for the class quiz by hiding the answers or you want to make a copy of it but need not some of the content. To hide whatever you want to select the content and then click the arrow on the right bottom of the Font section under the Home tab. After the dialog box appears, check or uncheck the “Hidden” checkbox to make it hide or unhide.

Hide Text in Word

Written by Abdul Samad

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