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Apple AirPods Pro’s price reduced to $200 on Staples

Apple AirPods

Staples is again selling Apple AirPods Pro at a discounted price of $200. This is a week long sale which will last until September 19th. Previously, Staples gave us a similar discount on Apple AirPods in August and the stock sold out in just a single day(which was a week long promotion).

The sale will definitely sell out quickly as this is the lowest price seen on the earbuds. The usual selling price of the Pro variant is about $250. But now, Staples has just thrown a whopping sale on the AirPods. Staples is giving upto $50 off the original retail price.

The AirPods Pro are more flexible than the normal standard AirPods as they have three different silicon tip sizes. But the standard AirPods come with plastic design which almost fits to “most” ears. The Pro AirPods also provide better sound quality, active noise cancellation and wireless charging case.

There is also a discount available on Staples for the standard Airpods. You can buy standard Apple Iphone AirPods for $130 getting a $30 off the retail price. You can get a wireless charging case for an extra $35 making a total of $165 for the standard AirPods.

But don’t forget that the sale is up for just a week and no one will want to miss out. So, what are you waiting for?

Written by Abdul Samad

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