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How to earn $100 a day- Become a Web Developer

Become a Web developer

Every business tends to have a website even when it just started. The reason is competition. There is a lot of competition so we’ve to get updated and make everything easy for others.

Most of the businesses sell their products both online and in shops. By online shopping feature, one can easily purchase the products and get them at home.

Web Development is high in demand. So if you want to be a web developer and want to make some money then I can help you get started with it.

I remember how I started my web development career. I learned the frontend languages and start providing services on the Fiverr Soon I got a project and it was the turning point where I got a lot of opportunities to masters my skills and learn new things.

How to Become a Web Developer?

Let’s have a look at the steps that I think, are the best for practicing and start earning in weeks. Here are the 7 Steps that would take you to the next level.

  1. Frontend End Development

    Start with frontend languages like HTML, CSS, and JS
    Remember that you’ve to learn and not to master them because once you know what is possible, it will be easy for you to find the solution. Basics are important than advance knowledge. So make sure you are always searching and working on the new techniques. Take tutorials from YouTube or anywhere else.Learn HTML CSS and JS

  2. WordPress – You now earn $70

    Once you learn the basics of HTML and CSS, I’d prefer you to move o WordPress.
    Why WordPress?
    Because WordPress is the most commonly used CMS(Content Management System). You can easily create your website just by drag and drop.
    You may think if we can create a website by drag and drop then why we need to learn the frontend languages (HTML, CSS, JS), it’s because if you know them you can design custom websites and put your own code where it’s needed.
    Start offering your services as a freelancer now and you should be able to earn a handsome amount up to $ 70.Start WordPress Development

  3. Become a Backend Developer

    The next step is to go with Backend languages, choose any of your favorite backend languages. i.e. Php, Python (Django FrameWork), ASP.NET
    WordPress uses Php: Yes, if you learn PHP you can play with WordPress and add more fun in your development career.
    Now you should be able to create custom websites from scratch. Where it’s hard to use WordPress, your skills work and help you create fully customized websites.

  4. Portfolio

    Yes, that’s what can bring you, clients. Just consider yourself as a buyer and Imagine If I am asking you to create a website for me, what questions will come to your mind? You may ask why you and not others or how I am different from others? Well, that’s true, if you want others to work with you; you need to show them your strengths. You’ve to make them feel if they’re hiring the right person.
    If you manage to have an outstanding portfolio, there are more chances for you to work with the new clients.

  5. Communication Skills

    One of the important skills in everyone’s life is communication skill. Even when it comes to your daily life, you have to communicate with others. You must master that skill. If you got the right way to communicate, you will have more opportunities to work around the globe.Communication is the way to success

  6. Brand Yourself

    You’re on the freelance market place now! But wait, do you know it’s not enough for you to get more sales and earn handsome amount? Yes here’ we will talk about how to brand yourself and get more opportunities.
    Make your social media presence by joining and getting the proactive member: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn

    Take part in the different social media activities and share contents about your business which clearly describe your business and how it is a benefit for others.
    Build your network

  7. Let’s start Freelancing

    Start offering services of any freelance market place and start earning. The process may take some time but believe me if you ‘are focused and determined to your work, it will bring fruit.

Written by mrkumar22

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