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“How To Get Wifi Password Using Cmd”

What if you are in your friend’s House and you don’t know their “wifi password” and all you got is your friends laptop or pc in which  wifi is already connected. So ,is there any way you can get the saved wifi password from your friends laptop ? Yes there is , I’m gonna show you few simple cmd commands those will come handy in this kind of situation.

Let’s get started

1st Step

Click the window button and in the search box type “cmd” search will show you reasult as “command prompt” .


As highlighted in above image , click on the “command prompt” and result will be as shown in the image bellow.

2nd Step

Now type:  netsh wlan show profiles

And press enter it will show you all the wifi networks ever connected to that system.


3rd Step

Now select the network in the given list to get its password for example if I want to see the password of given network named Ship_up, if will type the following command

Now type: netsh wlan show profile Ship_up key=clear


Chose the network and do as shown in the image bellow as I selected network Ship_up so I wrote the name Ship_up before key=clear


If the wifi network you chosed has spaces in its name then you have to type its name in quotation marks.

Example: netsh wlan show profile “Qasim Yousaf” key=clear

As shown in image given bellow

Type this command and press enter you will get the password of that wifi.


In the above image you can see that password of the wifi network named Ship_up is written against the “key content” field.

Written by Muteeb-UR- Rehman

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