$10 Per Month and up

Cloudways in a managed cloud server service where you choose the cloud provider and Cloudways connects their platform to it which makes it incredibly easy to manage. You pay a small monthly premium vs going direct in exchange for the management platform and support when you need it.

Cloud hosting are common nowadays but there are certain things that are interesting about the Cloudways that make it amazing. The very first thing that is good is free sign up. You can try the demo before you actually buy the hosting. And you don’t need to enter card details, the trial is totally free.

Though Cloudways don’t provide options for domain registration and email but still it is good to buy.

Cloudways: Overview

Cloudways is a a platform where it provides its own panel to help you manage applications hosted on cloud server. Cloud hosting is not for everyone, but it requires a certain expertise.

Cloudways is a great cloud website hosting platform for experienced users who demand the maximum power for their websites and projects. Create a cloud server on Cloudways and it let you select cloud services   from top 5 cloud providers:

Common Problems with Other Hosting

Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are always betteer choices over Shared Hosting when you look for speed and reliablility.

Many hosting provider offer dedicated servers, only a few offers managed hosting support. 

For example, if you go directly with dedicated servers like Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud or DigitalOcean, expect to do some heavy work yourself. You need to set up hosting environment manually or install CPanel.

Besides that, you also manage and maintain the day by day operation of your server. If you are not experienced and have no relevant skills for such tasks, you can expect headaches whenever there are problems, slow speed or downtime.

Cloudways Services? Does it worth to overcome problems and offer reliability?

Either you’re experienced or not. Cloudways helps you and provide the reliable services. It saves you from the hassles of operating and maintaining server. Cloudways is designed to make things simpler, without costing you a lot.

Getting Started With Cloudways

Unlike other web hosting services, Cloudways lets you build a site without spending much time. You can easily create a wordpress or any CMS based website witth simple easy steps:

Once you have installed WordPress, you can start designing your site.

Besides creating a WordPress website using Cloudways Hosting, you get some great services of daily automatic backup, real-time site monitoring, WordPress security.

Cloudways lets you seprately monitor the application on server.

Customer Support

CloudWays offers 24/7 customer services, so you can reach someone and resolve the issues. There’s a pone call option too, you must fill out a form to request a phone or Skype call.

Is Cloudways a right hosting for me?

Cloudways offers goood support and reliability. If you’re looking to build an ecommerce store or any other site that requires fast speed and reliablity, you can test your experince with Cloudways by signing up for free trial. 

Cloudways will not charge you for free trial. You can set up your site and see the results. Though the prices for CloudWays are a bit expensive but you have your cloud server that can offer speed and reliability.  And I think it’s okay for prices, if you have this hosting.


Speed, Reliability & Worth

Try the fast site experience with Cloudways. Signup for the trial and see if it really works fast.

$10 Per Month and up

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