Bug Bounty : Don’t Just Learn Hacking, Win Prizes Too

Bug Bounty


The world is full of bad and goog hackers, the question is what you choose to become.

If You decide to become an ethical hacker and want to start your carrier as a solo.

I have listed below some bug bounty platforms where you can find those programs

offering a big amount of bounties.


This platform is one of the best where you can find a large number

 of bounty programs.

If you are a pro hacker, you can make a lot of money easily even so If you are new you can learn a lot from the vulnerabilities being discovered a being published on hacker1 so others can learn.

The members of hacker1 gets invited for private programs if you earn enough points by capturing the flags in their CTF Challenges.

They have a section called HACTIVITY where a lots of vulnerabilities are being disclosed so a have look around.


Bugcrowd is good platform for someone who wants to get money and fame both at once form bug bounties Bigcrowd shows points you earn from bug bounties in the leader-board.

You can sin up as Researcher so you can hack legally and get paid or you can sin up as customer and ask others to test your website and pay them for their good work.

Bugcrowd offers various solutions to that can integrate your current system and easily make a successful program for bug bounties.


On Intigriti you can work for anyone you want or you can be assigned to 1 private program.

Getting invited for 1 specific private program increases the chances that you can be hired by them for future projects.

Bounties on Intigriti varies as the company it can go up to €20,000.

Intigriti also ranks their researchers(hackers) on the basis of reputation points they get by finding and reporting vulnerabilities so go try your



Synack is not just to discover bugs but it will also provide you the ultimate guidance and training about security.

synack red team has a reputation that they are the best researchers around with world working together.

Together they secure you before the bad guys can do the harm. You can apply as an security researcher in the synack red team.


Like other Platforms YesWeHack offer bounties and rank the Researchers according to their reputation point on their Leader board.

It has a hacktivity Section where latest vulnerabilities are being disclosed for public knowledge so other and specially new researchers can learn from them.

Hack The Box

Hack the box is platform where you can practice and expand your skills.

It provides you pen-testing labs for that. Plus point it enlists a number of jobs that might take your interest.

It is a platform worth taking your time if you want to get jobs in cyber security.


These are some best platforms giving offers all you need to take a step ahead .A lot of people are earning making a carrier out of it.

You want to be one of them? Then what are you waiting for Start the quest towards your dream today.

Best of Luck!

Written by Muteeb-UR- Rehman

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