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How to deal with depression? Symptoms, Tips

how to deal with depression

Depression is a serious and common problem that can change the way you think, you feel and you act. It can cause sadness or loss of interest in activities that you enjoyed the most. As depression is treatable, now the question is, how to overcome depression?
It is normal for one to lose interest in life and different activities. But if these symptoms last for many days or weeks, try to consult with your doctor or psychiatrist.
Thousands of patients consult with psychiatrists in order to cope with depression. According to the National Network of Depression, one in five people is at least impacted by this mental issue in life. It has become the major cause of disability for individuals between ages 15-44, according to the latest statistics.
While Major Depression Disorder can be more difficult to approach, there’s a report that shows the sufferers recover in no more than 7 weeks.

Symptoms of Depression

There are different depression symptoms that one can suffer from:

  • Feeling Sad or Depressed
  • Loss of interest in activities that you enjoyed
  • Thought of death or suicide
  • Loss of Energy
  • The feeling of being worthless and guilty
  • Overeat or you do not feel hungry

These symptoms are common but everyone coping with depression can have different symptoms. So, it is always a better idea to consult with your doctor.

Tips to cope with depression

You should always consult with your doctor, it can be helpful. I am listing down some tips that can help you out to cope with depression.

Be Positive

Along with depression often comes another psychological issue: psychological myopia, which occurs when the sufferer robotically repeats to him or herself the most negative thoughts. Things like “Nothing will work out for me” or “How have I been so naïve?” or “I don’t deserve to be loved” are things that fly around in their thoughts.
A patient deep with such deep thoughts can spend a lot of time. This is due to their limit to think and they might not be able to see the positive perspective of any situation.
According to experts, there are a plethora of ways to view a thing. Instead of convincing yourself your life is worthless, take your time to consider all of the other options.

Visualizing Happy Memories

When a patient continuously keep recalling a painful memory, he may get into emotional catatonia.
To get out of that mental state, close your eyes and try to remember a happy memory.
Remember the things you like the most, or moments that empowers you and keep you happy. Whenever you feel you’re sliding back to a sad memory, replace it with a good memory, or go back over something that makes you feel loved, amazing, powerful, and full of energy.

Stop talking about negative things

A depressed individual often comes up saying: “I’m boring” – “I’m yellow-bellied”, “I’m ugly”. To the speaker, these statements are absolutely true. Speaking ill of their identity or soul-less place that looks familiar to them can offer them a comfortable discomfort without an exit door.
The strategy is almost the same as above. Instead of insisting on these beliefs, it is best to play up personal qualities. Are you a good mother? Are you an excellent student? Are you a survivor? Are you a reliable person? These can be qualities you can remember. Once you have thought about them, take notes. These are qualities that increase the value of an individual. Psychiatrists often ask patients about his relatives and closest friends to email them wonderful attributes they think they have.
Basically, it changes everything that you hate about yourself for the qualities that best describe yourself.

Make Plans

When a person feels depressed, it is normal that the only place he or she wants to be is in bed, under covers. In this situation, it is very difficult for him to lift up the phone and call somebody to make plans. Studies reveal that limiting social media to 30 minutes a day can help with depression. The last thing you want to do under these circumstances is go for outing.
Plan trips or go for outing so you can spend your more time and keep yourself happy.
In case you feel lonely, call your freind and ask him to accompany you. Do not miss out weekends and make some plans and make your weekends entertaining and enjoyful.

Concentrate on Goals

Life, without goal, is nothing. One must have a goal in his life and a strong determination to achieve his goals. This might be the best technique to keep yourself busy and prevent negative thoughts.
Whenever you feel blue, look at your goals and it is always good to enjoy the small achievement. They can empower you and boost your energy to go for higher goals.

Written by Awais Ahmad

I am a Digital evangelist and have been working with different web technologies and Digital Marketing scenarios.

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