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Dr. Tahir Shamsi’s Brilliant Step to Cure Covid19

While the whole world is facing the horrible results of pandemic COVID 19, Pakistani Doctor Tahir Shamsi, the head of National Institue of Blood Disease,
proposed a solution that can result in the cure of this pandemic virus InshaAllah.

Dr. Tahir Shamsi proposed Passive Immunization as the cure to this Pandemic virus.
This process has been used since 1890 to cure different diseases.

What is Passive Immunization?

There is a plasma in your blood( a thick yellow liquid). One who gets recovered from this pandemic diseases, his body will create antibiotics. Taking plasma from the recovered person and inject it into the person who is suffering from the disease, can help the suffering person’s body to create the antibiotics and get recovered.

Even American Scientists have approved Dr. Shamsi’s statement.

Dr. Shamsi said if the Pakistani Government allows, he can bring the results in 2 Weeks.

And the good news is, he has been allowed and the first patient Yahya Jafferi has donated his plasma so Dr. Shamsi and his team can work to save lives.


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