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Earn online without any special skills in 2020

Earn online , do freelancing

Earn online without any special skills in 2020

Making money online is not difficult nowadays. You just need skills and communication to win the projects to make money online.

Learning things or mastering new skills takes time. You may need to spend months or years to master a particular skill. But I will only tell you about those skills which can help you make quick money.

Social Media Manager

It’s the easiest job you can do to earn money. If you spend hours using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any social media, you can make money by managing other’s accounts.

What you have to do in these kinds of jobs?

  • Daily Posting
  • Creating Posts
  • Engaging With audience
  • Hashtag Research
  • Social Interaction with influencers


Starting a blog is difficult but if you start it, you can monetize your blog from Google AdSense and start showing ads to earn. But If you don’t want to spend your time on this, start freelance writing. You can write for others and start earning money online.

Platforms where you can write for others and make quick money:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour

Design Social Media Posts

You can design social media posts for others and make money by selling your services on Fiverr or any freelance marketplace. You may think, it’s difficult to work but it’s not. You can use to design beautiful posts. Canva provides some pre-made templates. You can use them to create amazing posts.

Virtual Assistant

You can become a virtual assistant and manage other’s work to help in their business. The hiring person will pay you on an hourly basis or a fixed amount will be paid to you.

Manage Online Stores

Businesspersons don’t have time to focus on their websites or online stores. So, they may hire you for managing their online stores. They will pay you for management.

Your job may include the following tasks:

  • Upload Products to the online store
  • Research
  • Posting blog articles
  • Engaging with users

Well before you start it, make it clear with your client to avoid any dispute.

Create simple Whiteboard Videos

Yes, you can use the VideoMakerFX tool to create videos and sell them on The client can contact you to create a video and simply, you will do it and earn money.

What to avoid while working on freelance works?

If you are working from home and making money online, that’s great. But make sure to avoid a few things to keep yourself safe.

  • Try to keep all your projects on freelance market places to avoid payment and delays issues
  • Always Manage your projects and be on time otherwise, you are going to have the burden
  • Be truthful to your clients during the project

Can I make money online by doing any of the above-mentioned jobs?

Yes, you can but remember, having skills is not the only thing to earn online. Communication matters so make sure you deal politely with your clients; it can help you get more projects.

Written by Awais Ahmad

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