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Entrepreneurs: Grow Business With Fiverr Quickly

Entrepreneurs:Learn the right way to grow your business with fiverr. It can save your time and help you make money.

Awais Ahmad



If you are an entrepreneur who just started an agency or having a lot of work, you should not burden yourself.

You should do smart work. You can build up a team that will work for you. And that way, you will be doing projects efficiently and quickly.

Throughout my freelance experience, I have learnt that if you have a lot of on going projects, you should hire a team rather than delaying the projects. It not only increase your value but also get you handsome amount.

If you already have a team that work for you, that’s great. Because you know how it works and how increase your revenue.

But if you just started as an entrepreneur, you should look to build up a team or hire freelancers.

In the beginning, it may not be possible to build up your team but you can work with freelancers on fiverr and hire them to work for you.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace same like Amazon but on fiverr you get services. You can hire people there for your projects. Fiverr has been among the top freelance marketplaces and has freelancers world wide.

Fiverr Service Type

As fiverr is a big marketplace and driven by thousands of sellers, you can expect any kind of service on fiverr.

Fiverr is not just limited to web development, digital marketing, graphic designing but it provides variety of services. You can create a free account on fiverr and see what you can get with fiverr.

Fiverr Pricing Criteria

Though the fiverr is  a big marketplace but it’s minimum price starts from $5. You can expect your projects to be completed in minimum $5.

How Fiverr Works?

Fiverr provides gigs. gigs are nothing but offers. You can say it’s same like a package where seller has defined the prices, details of services that you will get and delivery time.

But this is not enough to say fiverr is limited.To increase the business worth fiverr helps you communicative with the seller and do a custom project offer. 

You can discus you project with the seller and fix a price for the project.

Payment & details

Your money is safe! Fiverr uses Escrow Banking System.  When you buy any gig, you pay to the fiverr and fiverr saves it in its escrow system. later, when seller delivers his order and you mark it as completed, the sellers gets paid.

Things To Know Before You Hire

Before you hire someone, you should know a few things so you can avoid troubles and issues.

You should clearly explain your project to the seller on fiverr. If the communication goes well then the projects will be completed efficiently.

You may think in $5, how can you get quality work?

There are people who are working in companies and have jobs. But they start on fiverr to make extra money.

Being new on fiverr doesn’t mean , they are not skilled. Just ask them to show you their previous work so you can ensure if you are  working with the right guy.

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Make Money : How to Start Teaching Online and earn?

Are you a teacher and looking to teach online to make some money? If yes, I will guide you through this article on how to make money online.

Awais Ahmad



how to start teaching online

Are you a teacher and looking to teach online to make some money? If yes, I will guide you through this article on how to make money online.

Ways to make money online as a teacher:

  • Sell Your Courses at Udemy
  • Upload Videos to Youtube
  • Create Your Own Platform

Sell Your Courses at Udemy

If you are professional at something, you can teach it to others and earn money. You can become an instructor on Udemy and start teaching people.

What do you need to get started?

You need a camera, mic, computer/laptop to records your videos .

Once you have recorded your videos, you will upload them to Udemy and publish it to the users worldwide.

Start a Youtube Channel

You can start a youtube channel and upload your videos there. It will help you to make money too. But how it works?

Youtube will pay you by displaying ads on your videos and this way you will earn. But to display ads, it’s necessary that you have a specific number of audience and fulfill the criteria. Otherwise, Youtube will not monetize your channel.

Create Your Own Platform

If you want to create your own platform like a digital school, you can create it yourself using WordPress. You can teach trough organizing online classes and deliver online video lectures without recording.

Learn How to Create Your own digital class system using WordPress?

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Importance of Effective communication For Freelancers

Effective communication is really important to grow your business. If you learn from your past mistakes, your grow like I did.

Awais Ahmad



effective communication

Communication is the top skill that everyone must master in order to grow their business. Even in the freelancing, it is important to be a good communicator first. Effective communication is the key to grow your business.

No one can deny the importance of communication. Even, in our daily lives, we use to communicate with our colleagues, friends, and family. If you know how to deal with people, you can sell your items to them.

Have you ever seen someone, coming towards you and asking if you will buy his product? Now, at the moment, you will start thinking why should you buy this product. But a good salesman may know what explanations and briefings he should give to you. He may be a good face reader and gives you a good offer that you will buy the product.

But in freelancing, you are not going to read the faces. You are going to write ideas and offers. So what matters here is the copywriting skills. You write proposals, respond to emails, send offers to people but in the end, you have nothing at all.

Communication: Benefits, Problems, and their solutions


Sometimes, the client asks you to go beyond the requirements and demand for free work. It’s okay if they do, but you can always increase your price if clients are asking for more. A freelancer must not be angry. If you get angry and send disappointed messages to your clients, you both will end up in either closing that project or fighting with each other.


Be calm, and ask your client to increase the budget in a polite way. If the work is less and can be done easily, you can take advantage of the situation by giving a free bonus offer.

Why should you give your services for free?

The client will refer you to others and will ask you for future projects too if you have a good business relationship with him.

Make Everything Clear

Most of the time you work outside of the freelancing market places (Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour). Therefore, you have to get the requirements details yourself. Everything is not on the papers now. So you can’t complain anybody else if you do stupid agreements.

I had some projects outside of freelance market places and that proved to be a lesson for me as well as a blessing for me.

Lessons for you

  • Gather project details correctly
  • Write agreement in papers (if possible)
  • Ask for payment for initial milestone OR
  • Work via Freelance Market Places
  • Do a Skype call for clear understanding

Skype Call?

Are you afraid to speak to the clients? If yes then you must not be. Because this is not a difficult thing to speak live on Skype. I remember when I had my first client on a mobile phone. That was a new experience for me but it motivated me to not fear skype calls.

Benefits of being polite

I spent more than 1 year and couldn’t get my freelancer’s account up. Then I noticed the profile of another freelancer. I analyzed it, went through his work history, reviews and got a lesson for me.

Things I noticed:

  • Quality work
  • Good Communication
  • Free Services

So, I picked up Good Communication and started working on me. And, yes, I got the reward by being polite and clear to clients.

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How to grow online freelance business

Fed up of freelancing because it’s not making more money for you? You are missing top 4 things which are stopping you grow and earn more.

Awais Ahmad



Freelance Habits

Starting as a freelancer is quite easy when you are looking for small income and just doing it as a part-time job. But when you do it as a business, you will have to keep some key points in mind in order to grow your online business.

Here are some points that I myself consider the cause of not getting much as you want.

Mandatory Skills that Effect Your Freelancing

Poor Team Management

Team Management

When you are working alone, it is going to take your great time and in the end, you will end up with a small amount. Have you ever thought about earning more and more while helping people to earn too?

Yes, think smart now, the team is important to do the things the right way.

If alone, you are doing 5 projects a month and earning $300, you can earn $1000 a month if have a team.

So, what I ask you is to collaborate with the right people and play smart work.

I remember when I started, I worked day and night but in the end, I had the little amount but when I collaborated with my professional team, I started earning more and it is really a great thing because we all are getting the benefit.

Poor Project management Skills

Project Management

Assigning takes to one specific person is important as he can quickly do the work. It not only speeds up the overall business procedure but also helps you get more projects.

Project management is a skill that you have to learn if you want to grow your freelance business.


Communication Skills

One of the important factors that increase your value is communication. One must have the courage to become a good communicator, especially if you are running an online business.

Learn to face the public

I see most of the time, you are shy to face the public but that’s not the way to get succeeded. If you are not going to shout about your business, about your values, about your offers, who is going to buy from you?

Leave the Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Are you afraid to come out of your comfort zone?

If you yes, just ask me a simple question, can you leave business and site idle?

Of Course, you can’t do so. Therefore, you must learn to come out of your comfort zone and take the freelance business seriously as you have a great opportunity.


In order to run a successful freelance business, you must learn to work smart. If you continue to work that way, you will surely reach your goals.

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