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The Latest Facebook Update: Facebook Launched New UI and Dark Mode

Facebook has been popular among its users for decades. Now, the latest update to Facebook UI for desktop is amazing. Facebook not only updated the UI but also have the dark mode option for its users now.

Have a look at the new UI!

Facebook New White UI

Switch to New Facebook

From the top right corner, select dropdown and click on Switch to New Facebook.

Switch to new Facebook

Dark Mode

If you like dark mode, there is good news for you on Facebook. Now you can turn on the dark mode and see the dark version of Facebook.

How to enable Dark Mode?

From the top right corner, select the dropdown button.

Facebook Enable Dark Mode Step 1

Now click on the Dark Mode button.

Facebook Enable Dark Mode

Facebook Announcement

Facebook in its tweet announced to roll out the new UI for everyone in a few months.

Enjoy with new Facebook!


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