Freelancing Vs Entrepreneur?How to scale your business?

freelancer vs entrepreneur

You want to become a freelancer or an entrepreneur? There is a big difference between becoming a freelancer and an entrepreneur. After reading this post you will be able to know what can help you scale your business and become a successful entrepreneur.

I started out as a freelancer but later I realized that I have a work burden and there was a pile of money I was seeing in front of my eyes. But remember that was not mine until I work for the clients.

I have noticed when I was working alone I was making the same amount of money and when I got a team to manage my work, my burden was lessend and I was able to take more clients and earn more.

From freelancing, I have learned different things that can help you grow.

Work Smart

If you have a good profile on Fiverr and already getting a great number of clients, you should go for business scaling. It means you have to share the work. Don’t worry about the money at that time. You can hire someone else, pay them, take your commission, and still earn without actually doing the project. Does it make sense?

Don’t Be Greedy

You may think why I should share the work when I can make enough money by completing these projects? The answer is simple, give value to clients, and be active. You are a human and could hardly work 24 hours a day. By sharing work, you not only win the client’s review but also create chances to work with the same client for other projects.

Hiring Right Talent

Ready to share the work with others? The very first place you can look to hire someone is Facebook. Just go to Facebook Groups and find the people right for you. You can hire them for work. OR if you know some people around you doing this work, you can work with them on a project basis.

I wish you a best of luck!

Written by Awais Ahmad

I am a Digital evangelist and have been working with different web technologies and Digital Marketing scenarios.

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