Google e Pay System? Is Google going to Launch its own banking payment system?

Tech giant TechCrunch has published the news about the Google E Pay system. It says Google is creating its own Virtual and Physical debit cards.

Google Debit cards connect to a Google App and provide good features to monitor the transaction history, check balance and lock your account. Google Pay System will only allow peer-to-peer payments by connectin to a payment card. Google may charge a little fee for using Gooogle e Pay.

What is going to happen? How Google Pay system is going to be helpful for Google Ads?

By developing Google e Pay System, Google has again opened a new way to get the data from users. By monitoring the user’s transaction history and payment flow, Google can improve the targeting and campaign measurement. If it really happens, brands might be willing to focus on Google Ads and target the right audience

The exact name of this payment system is unknown. Once it gets launched, you will get access to it.  Google Debit card will be co-branded and come with Google Name and its partnered bank.


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