Hacking through Keylogger


keylogger is a piece of software or hardware that stores every single key pressed by keyboard and it could be programmed to send those logs through email to hackers.

Why Keylogger is a threat?

A keylogger itself is not harmful to the computer system but it can be used to steal private information about the user that user types using his/her keyboard. If hackers get the victims sensitive information they can use the extracted data to perform the online transactions form the user’s account without his/her permission. Even a hacker can just take over your social media accounts by getting your username and password using a keylogger. keyloggers can be more dangerous to a user, as a keylogger can also be able to capture screenshots, take images and can email them to the hacker.

Types of Keylogger

Types of Keylogger

There are two types of keylogger:

  • Software Keylogger
  • Hardware Keylogger

Software Keylogger

Software keyloggers are easy tools to trick someone.

There are lot of ways, some of them are mentioned below:

  • A Keylogger can be installed when the user opens an attachment sent through email.
  • A Keylogger can be installed when the user clicks on a link or opens a phishing email.
  • A Keylogger can be installed by exploiting a vulnerable web Browser using a web page script and keylogger gets launched when a user visits a malicious website.

Hardware Keylogger

Hardware keyloggers are more like USB cable or USB drive, hardware keylogger stores keystrokes into its own internal memory, those saved logs can be accessed later.

Advantage of hardware keyloggers over software keylogger is they start working with the moment computer is turned on so, therefore, they are even able to capture the password of bios or even any disk encryption software is being used.

Your Security Matters the most

Protect yourself from Keyloggers

  • Don’t open attachments sent to you through emails from an unknown person, they might have keyloggers embedded in them.
  • Keyloggers can be sent using msgs, links, or maybe something you might have an interest in like pdf, etc.
  • Virtual Keyboard: virtual keyboard means soft-keyboard the one that appears on the screen like an image map this keyboard can be used to prevent keyloggers to capture your keystrokes.

Written by Muteeb-UR- Rehman

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