How to choose a username for your Fiverr account?

Fiverr username selection

Choosing a username is an important part of profile building. Make sure you choose a good username as it influences your profile.

In this article, you will learn the right way to choose a username for your Fiverr account.

1. By Your Name

It is not a bad idea to use your personal name as your username. You can try the following combinition while choosing a username:

  • Without Whitespace: alexwilson
  • With Underscore: alex_wilson
  • With ‘its’+name: itsalexwilson

2. By Brand Name

Another good way to choose a username is by brand name. You can give a proper name to your brand or services.


  • wilson_marketing
  • smart_graphics
  • creative_writers

3. By Niche / Service Name

If you want to provide services limiting yourself in a niche, this can work for you.

  • Your Name + Service Name: alex_seo
  • Brand Name + Service Name: magic_designers
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