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How to create a blog using WordPress?

start a blog

Let us discuss how to create a blog and make money with it. This is easy if you learn it and difficult when you don’t pay attention to it. In this article, I have tried to write the helping material keeping all aspects in my mind to help you start a successful blog.

Overview: What is Blogging?

Blogging is like an online diary where you share your thoughts, experience and guide others.

There are different types of blogs and every blog has a topic to discuss. That topic is known as their niche. Let me list down the famous blogs and their niches.

  • TechCrunch: It a tech blog covering all tech news. To find the latest technology news you should follow it.
  • CNET: It covers a variety of categories including tech, reviews, and others.
  • News Blogs: These blogs are associated with a country or a channel and cover the articles regarding the current circumstances.

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is fun and rewards you in different ways. If you’re a business owner, you can get more customers, if you are a full-time blogger who is seeking money, you can earn from it.

Let me list down the benefits of blogging:

  • Mind Refreshment
  • Helping People out in solving their problems
  • Making Money
  • Growing Business
  • Your own palace where you are the boss

Now let’s start creating your own blog.

1. Hosting and Domain

hosting and domain

We have already discussed the domain and hosting before. Please read part 1 to know the full overview of domain and hosting.


See the following topic:

2. Finding Niche

find niche

Keep your blog niche orientated pays your great reward as people know what they can find on your blog. I will recommend you to choose the niche according to your interest as you are going to write for the long run.

Therefore make sure whatever you decide about your niche, you are firmly determined with it and can write about it.

Some Niche Ideas

  • Motivation Blog
  • Traveling Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Digital Marketing Blog
  • SEO related blog
  • Technology Blog

Don’t just limit yourself to that list. Go and find your niche!

3. Install Theme

select theme

The theme is the frontend of your website. You can change it, customize it according to your requirements.

install theme

Go to Appearance > Theme and search for themes.

Pick any of your favorite themes, install it and activate it.

activate theme

Remember there are plenty of free themes available.

If you don’t like these free themes, you can buy premium themes from Envato Market.

Some Best Premium Adsense Themes

[su_button target=”blank” style=”glass” background=”#e41b0b” radius=”round” icon=”icon: newspaper-o”]NewsPaper Theme[/su_button] [su_button target=”blank” style=”glass” background=”#e41b0b” radius=”round” icon=”icon: book” rel=”″]MH Magazine[/su_button]

4. Plugins

How can we forget about that amazing feature that lets us extend the functionalities of WordPress?

For a blog, some plugins must be installed. These plugins are going to help you in your blogging career.

4.1. How to Install a plugin?

Let’s install your first plugin.

Go to WordPress admin Panel and select Plugins >Add New Plugin.

install plugin

Search for the plugin, install it and activate it.

Note: Here is the list of all plugins that you must consider as a blogger.

1. JetPack

It’s a wonderful plugin that tracks the traffic and shows you the reports. Consider this plugin as the backbone of your blog.

Besides tracking the stats, it has options for social sharing, so whenever you make a post, it should share the post on all the select social media platforms.

2. Monster Insights

It is one of the important tools that you must use. Remember without knowing your traffic, you can barely take good decisions.

Integrate this tool with your WordPress blog and analyses the traffic and the pattern of user behavior to take the decision.

For example:

At which time and day more people are visiting your blog.

Monster Insights helps you integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress and show all the stats at one single place (In your WordPress Admin Panel).

3. Yoast SEO

We must use it for SEO purposes. Yoast is a free SEO plugin, you can install it and do the basic configurations to meet the desired need.

What I suggest is to install this plugin and configure it.

4. WP Rocket

It is a cache plugin used to speed up your website. Though there are different plugins available for caching WP Rocket is easy to use and does all of the caching itself. It’s a paid plugin.


If you have no money to buy this plugin try the alternatives like AutoOptimize or WP Fastest Cache.

5. One Push Signal

Did you ever see the popup or push notification showing “Allow Notification” popup?

This is what this plugin does.  If a user is daily visiting your site and reading the posts then make it easy for him.

One Push Signal enables you to show the popup notification asking for permission if you want your site to notify the user when a new post is published.

It’ really useful, I personally use it on my blog.

6. Elementor Page Builder

Element is a visual page builder which helps you design stunning web pages and posts with drag and drop option. It’s free, you can install it and start using it.

Without knowledge of coding, you can design your whole site by using Elementor.

7. Social Share

Get the most of your blog and help visitors share your post with their fellows.

This plugin can show the floating share icons on the posts so whenever the reader is scrolling the article, the floating share icons will still be there to help the user share your post.

Install this plugin, activate it, configure it and make your blogging experience awesome.

8. TinyMCE

TinyMCE adds some extended features to the WordPress editor. Must consider it for writing and designing stunning posts.

9. Contact Form 7

This plugin helps you create a customized contact form. You can put the contact form anywhere on your blog to help the users reach out to you.

5. How to create and publish your first post?

Open your WordPress Admin Panel. Go to Posts > Add New


Title: It’s the headline of your article

Content: It’s the post body (i.e. text).

Feature Image: This image is displayed in the post feeds and on socail media when your post is shared.

5.1. How to create Wonderful Infographics/ Post Images?

Let me tell you about the free online tool: Canva, it can help you design stunning post images easily

Congrats! You have learned how to create a blog!

Now It’s time to generate traffic for your blog.

6. Advice: Before You Publish Your Blog

Before you publish your blog, I’d suggest to add 10-30 post on your blog and then publish it. The reason behind doing this is becoming professional.

If you have only one post, people are not going to get amused and follow your blog. Having more posts can help people know more about your blog and trigger their minds to visit your blog or subscribe to newsletters.

7. Getting traffic for your blog                     

This is where most of the bloggers fail. Dear it’s easy to create a blog but you can’t get money without getting traffic, that’s the truth.

Most of the beginner bloggers just leave because it rewards them nothing. It’s not their mistake but the problem is they never knew the truth behind a successful blog.

In this section, we together are going to discuss on how to drive traffic to your blog without spending money on advertisement.

7.1. Social Media Shoutout


If you are not going to shoutout about your blog who is going to? Yes, it is you who will tell the people about your blog. Use Social Media Platforms to promote your articles and blog.

Facebook Page

Create an optimized and complete Facebook Page for your blog and share the daily contents there.

Keep your audience engaged if you want to get the traffic.

Facebook Groups

Join different Facebook groups that are related to your blog niche. Whenever you publish a new post, share the post in Facebook groups.

Instagram Page

Instagram is the is used by 110 million Instagram users are from the US as per a report by omnicoreagency.

Create an Instagram page for your blog and share the contents there too.

Twitter Page

Go and get registered with twitter and share the posts there. Definitely this is going to help you get more traffic.


One of the mistakes that I made is not using it in the beginning. I never considered it before. But when I read about it and implemented it, it helped me in increasing my traffic.

Create a business profile for your blog and start sharing the pins there.


Have you ever used it before?

No? I personally use it a lot for myself. It’s one of the biggest Questioning/Answering platforms where people ask a question and different experts answer the questions as per their knowledge and experince.

Tips: While sharing your posts on social media platforms, especially for hashtag driven platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook), use appropriate hashtags to reach more people.

8. How to start making money with a blog ($1,000)?


Different ways are available but you will go with the one you want. Once you see your blog traffic is increasing, go for the next step. It is, of course, making money.

Well, here I am sharing the stats of different bloggers with their income.

Ways to Make Money:

  • Monetize your blog from Google AdSense
  • Become Affiliate Marketer
  • Selling your own Products

8.1. Google Adsense

Hey! Let’s discuss it together.

Is your website getting traffic? If yes, let’s apply for google AdSense.

Once your application to join Google AdSense approves, you can start displaying ads on your blog and start making money.

How Google Pays you?

Whenever there is a new click on the ad form your website, Google will pay you.

Please consider the Google AdSense Policies to follow the guidelines.

What to avoid?

Never click on the ad on your blog, it can suspend or ban your account. Don’t trust me, try yourself and get ready for it as it already happened to me.

8.2 Affiliate Marketing

Wonderful! So, you have finally reached this section.  Let us talk about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, you are selling another’s products. You earn when a sale is made. Different third-party sites introduce an affiliate plan.

How your sale is tracked? And how you are paid?

The 3rd party sites give you a unique URL, whenever a user arrives at the original site using your link and purchase something, you earn a commission.

If you like any product and can write much about it, go and write and share your experience with the people.

Some Resources that offer Affiliate Plan:

Amazon, Share a Sale, Ali Express

8.3. Selling Your Own Products

Here we come with a business idea. If you have something to sell, you can start promoting it by your blog and earn money. Every time people visit your blog and like the product, you will get a new sale.

What to Avoid?

Help people instead of just talking about your products. Let them know it’s useful for them

Yes, our main motive is to engage the audience with your blog and not to write in a sales pitch.


So, we have seen how simple is it to create a blog within a few hours. Blogging is a continuous struggle to generate money. Don’t just post article one time and sit ideal and wait for the money. You will have to earn it by doing smart work.

I hope this article has helped you. Don’t forget to share it with your fellows if you like this article.


Written by Awais Ahmad


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