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How to start your freelance career

In this digital world, everyone wants to earn more but don’t know how. Freelancing could be the solution to your problem.  Before we dive deep into how to start freelancing, let us know what actually freelancing is.

Freelancer is a term used for a person who is self-employed. Freelancing could define as the services provided by a freelancer to others.

In this advanced era, it is much easier for everyone to start freelancing on their own. You can earn on your skills.

What do you need to start your freelance career?

  • Identify Your Skills: Try to spend some time on thinking what your skills are and what services you can offer on the freelance market place. For example Graphic Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, etc.
  • Master your skills: Once you identify your skill set, it’s important to polish it. Remember that you are not the only one offering services on the freelance market place. There are thousands of people with the same taste.
  • Join any freelance market place: Here are some freelancing marketplaces you can join Fiverr, People Per Hour, UpWork, Freelancer
  • Create Portfolio: Your portfolio reflects your work. If you’re a beginner, you should offer some free services and create your portfolio.
  • Start Bidding: Start bidding on the projects.
  • Social Media: Use Social Media to brand your business. Create social media pages and be active.
  • Join Facebook Groups: Join freelancing groups on Facebook. Share your profile and tell the people what are you offering. Facebook groups will not only help you promote your business but also help you in winning a project.
  • Play Smart & Safe: Try to deal with your clients in the freelance market place. It will not only help you get a review for the work you do but it also helps when you get into any dispute.

Most of the beginners find troubles at the beginning of their freelance career even though they are skillful. That is not because they are the beginners, but that is because they don’t try to understand the flow of the marketplace.

Make a research on what other freelancers are offering, it will help you understand the demand of customers.

You must know the answers to three questions:

  • Who your client is?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is the market value of the skills you are offering?

Once you understand the flow of the marketplace, it becomes easy for you to target the audience and earn more.

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