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How you can make money by living in Pakistan?

how to make money online in pakistan

Making money is not as difficult as you think. You can make money online by utilizing online resources. Either you are a student or a full-time employer, there are opportunities for you to work online from home and earn.

If you are a full time employer, there is a good chance for you to earn extra bucks and increase your income. You don’t need to quit your job. All you need is to put some extra effort and start making money.

For the students, there is a vast online market to browse and make money. You can bear your expense yourself and become self-dependent.

In this  post, I will share the details of some legal online rescources to make money online in Pakistan.

#1. Freelancing

If you have any skills, you can become a freelancer. A freelancer is an individual who provides his services and skills to the people and get paid.  You can have different skillsets i.e. Graphic Designing, Article Writing, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Administration Services, Data Entry. There is no monthly income limit. You can earn as much as you work.

Even if you have no skills, you can learn on Youtube free of cost.

You can sell your skills and services on different freelance marketplaces including:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour
  • Freelancer

#2. Start a Youtube Chanel

Youtube is the largest video sharing platform.  You can earn a good amount by becoming a content creator and engage with your audience.

“Over 400 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.”

YouTube shows Ads on your videos and make you earn money.

To start a Youtube Channel, select a niche(category) for your channel and start creating videos. Once you get the exposue on youtube and meet the Youtube Partner Plans requirements, you can apply for Youtube Moinetization and start making money online.

#3. Blogging

Blogging is another option to make money online. You can create a blog website , start writing content, monetize your blog and earn online.

You will need to select a niche and then start a blog . Make sure you like the niche and can write enough content for your blog.

For exmaple, If like travelling, I can start a blog sharing the content about travlling and guides. You can select a niche according to interest.

Once you get enough web traffic on your blog, you can monetize your blog from Adsense or other ad network and make money.

How to eran with Blog? – Checklist

  • Create a Blog Website
  • Write Content
  • Promote Your blog
  • Get Website Traffic
  • Monetize your Blog
  • Display Ads on Your Blog
  • Make Money online

Another way to earn from blog is affiliate marekting. You can share the affiliate links to your blog posts. When a person make a purchase using your link, you get a paid for it.

The famous affiliate marketing plan is Amazon Associates. You can create an free account and start promoting their links.

#4. Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media is growing. People are using different socail media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. Did you ever wonder how these platforms work? These platforms has another side for the businesses.

Facebook also provide you Facebook Adverts to prmote your content by paying fee for the ads. That way facebook is making money.

If you learn Social Media marekting and start providing your services to the businesses, you can have a good chacne to grow your social media services and build your own full time agency.

All you need is to start learning Social Media Marekting and the provide your services. You do not require years of experince to start with Social Media Marketing. You can take any course or find free Youtube Videos to learn Social Media


Now you know the answer to make money online in Pakistan. You are not going to make $1000  overnight. It will require you to put your effort, grow your business, and reach your desire to earn $1000 or more. If you are not earning $1000 in the beginning, you can be earning more than $1000 by working smart and understanding the things.


How to learn skills for Freelancing?

You can watch different YouTube Tutorials or take any free course from to learn any skill. Whatever you learn, make sure you practice it so you can start providing your services as a professional freelancer.

How to start blogging?

To start a blog, you will need a blog website so you can start posting your content there.

Written by Awais Ahmad

I am a Digital evangelist and have been working with different web technologies and Digital Marketing scenarios.

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