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HTML vs HTML 5? What to use?


HTML vs. HTML 5? Have you ever wondered what could be the difference between both of these versions of HTML?

In web development, especially web designing , we use a lot of div elements to manipulate the data and design the web pages. 

Let us go through the fundamental concepts to understand the basic difference and importance of HTML 5 structural elements.

In HTML, we don’t have many structural elements. Rather we use the same div and table elements to present the data. But in HTML5, we have elements for different parts to easily identify the elements on a web page.

Let us understand it by examples:

In HTML We use <div class=”header”> but in HTML 5 We have an alternative structural element <header> which is equivalent to <div class=”header”>. Similarly, we have other options too.

HTML to HTML 5 Transformation

<div class=”header”><header>
<div class=”nav”><nav>
<div class=”section”><section>
<div class=”artilce”><article>
<div class=”aside”><aside>
<div class=”footer”><footer>

Though we have structural elements, we can’t underestimate the importance of div. We still use it and will use it.

Importance of HTML 5

By using HTML 5, we are able to identify each part on the web page easily. I think HTML5 is much better than simple HTML. 

What to use? HTML Or HTML 5?

Well, it’s your choice but I’ll prefer HTML 5 as it’s its pros. If you work with simple div elements, it may become harder to identify each part of the code and you can end up finding the classes and divs related to a particular part. But by using HTML 5, at least you’re sure, what you have to change and what elements in the code are related to you.

Written by Awais Ahmad

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