Instagram Hacks: Top Amazing Tips to Grow Your Account in 2020

instagram hacks

Why are you not having your Instagram profile grown?
Instagram profile can be a reward if you utilize it correctly. Without understanding your requirements, how should you be able to grow your business via Instagram?
Here we will be talking about some tips that can help you grow your Instagram account that can later become a benefit for your business.

Optimize your Profile

Optimizing your profile is very important in order to get recognized.
You should write the appropriate description and add contact info to your Instagram. It will help people to understand what your Profile is about and what products/services you are offering.
Try something out of the box and write catchy description that encourage people to visit your website or people should like to know more about you.

Upload Profile Picture

Instagram hacks Profile Picture

Don’t just use the arbitrary picture. If you’re a business, my recommendation is to use the Logo so people can know about your brand.
What should be the resolution of profile photo?
110 x 110 pixels size is good for Profile Photo. You can use online tools for to resize the photo

Create a theme for Your Profile

Instagram hacks Post Design

Don’t you think if your profile post designs are posted in a particular format, it should increase your profile worth?
Don’t just try to post random template-based picture. I’d prefer you design templates for your posts and then use these Templates to design your posts.

Schedule Posts

Instagram hacks Post daily

In my personal experience, I have noticed, posting daily is necessary to keep your Instagram profile up. I know when I stopped post on my Instagram, the whole stats were down and there was nothing good after that. 

Schedule your posts and keep your profile up. At least post twice a day to get the gradual but perfect results.

Hashtags Utilization

Instagram hacks hashtag utilization

I have seen many posts on Instagram with great number of hashtags. That’s good if you know that hashtags help in growing your profile but the excess of everything is bad you know.

Don’t use more than 5 hashtags in your post. If you always keep using bunch of hashtags in your post, there are chances that Instagram will put your account in warning zone and can ban your account.

Don’t use the #Hashtags Generator or any online utilities to get hashtags. Rather search yourself for better results. 

The best way to utilize hashtags is to create a list of 30 #Hashtags and post them as comment on your post. This is the safe way to get free audience and get your profile grown.


Engage with Your Audience

Instagram hacks engage audience

Always be responsive and keep yourself engaged with your audience. Know what your audience wants and how you can help them. It will help you in business growth.

Always Reply to messages and comments as soon as possible.

Use Follow Unfollow Method

Instagram hacks follow unfollow

The best tip comes here. Unfollow/Follow method is from one of the great techniques to grow your profile.

Follow the targeted profile on Instagram. It will help your business to capture the clients who are interested in buying your products/services.

Remember to limit the follow/unfollow process as Instagram keeps an eye on your activities. If you want to be safe, play safe.



By understanding the fundamentals of using Instagram for business, you can grow your profile and find clients for your business.

Written by Awais Ahmad

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