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Here are some websites where you can learn hacking and test your skills legally
To best of my Knowledge these are some useful platforms if you are wondering how to become a hacker and where to test you knowledge and skills you gained.


Talk about a good place where they provide you free videos to learn hacking skills, they have CTF(capture the flag) challenges where you can test your skills.

They also provide free video lectures to boost your knowledge about various types of vulnerabilities,
there is a resources section and even a discord.

If you got stuck in any challenge you can ask from community for help ,they’ll be
happy to help you out.

Hack The Box

Amazing pen-testing labs where you can find old and new machines
to test your hacking skills on.

They have challenges like Reversing,Crypto , web, mobile and lot more other stuff you’ll find worth giving your time.

The interesting thing about hack the box is you won’t find a sign Up button on their website
you have to hack the website get sign Up invitation, Good Luck!


This is a buggy application,its free and open source. You want a place with a lot of vulnerabilities to test your skills on, bWPP is more like one.

It has like more than 100 vulnerabilities like DDos,Heartbleed,
ClickJacking you can attack and test yourself that how good you know
about vulnerabilities.

It can be hosted on Linux or Windows or you can install the bee-box that is a custom Linux-based virtual-machine that comes with bWAPP installed with it.

Hack This Site

If you are looking for websites that openly invites people to hack
them, Hack This Site is one of them.

Hack This Site is a legal platform to train hackers and test how much skills they got.
So feel free to give it a try.

They also have some challenging missions to help you get some skills in hand. If you want to help them in a way of appreciation you can also donate them.

Google Gruyere

This website with a cheesy look is providing you a lot of and vulnerabilities that you might enjoy exploiting.

As like any other platform it has some challenges for hackers to play with and find information about how you can exploit different types of vulnerabilities.

The best part it highlights the weakness you need to exploit and in any case you got stuck in any of challenges,every challenge comes with some hints to help you out.

Written by Muteeb-UR- Rehman

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