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Make Money : How to Start Teaching Online and earn?

how to start teaching online

Are you a teacher and looking to teach online to make some money? If yes, I will guide you through this article on how to make money online.

Ways to make money online as a teacher:

  • Sell Your Courses at Udemy
  • Upload Videos to Youtube
  • Create Your Own Platform

Sell Your Courses at Udemy

If you are professional at something, you can teach it to others and earn money. You can become an instructor on Udemy and start teaching people.

What do you need to get started?

You need a camera, mic, computer/laptop to records your videos .

Once you have recorded your videos, you will upload them to Udemy and publish it to the users worldwide.

Start a Youtube Channel

You can start a youtube channel and upload your videos there. It will help you to make money too. But how it works?

Youtube will pay you by displaying ads on your videos and this way you will earn. But to display ads, it’s necessary that you have a specific number of audience and fulfill the criteria. Otherwise, Youtube will not monetize your channel.

Create Your Own Platform

If you want to create your own platform like a digital school, you can create it yourself using WordPress. You can teach trough organizing online classes and deliver online video lectures without recording.

Learn How to Create Your own digital class system using WordPress?

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