New Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset for $299 – Review

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The all new Oculus’ second generation virtual reality headset has been officially revealed now. Facebook has announced Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset in its seventh Facebook Connect event held virtually due to the corona virus. The new Oculus VR headset will be available for $299 from next month on October 13th in 22 countries. It is replacing the previous original Quest VR and the Quest Rift S tethered headset.

Now, talking about the specs, Oculus Quest 2 is lighter in weight and slimmer in width than the Quest. The headset weighs about 503 grams and is a little shallower than the previous one. The headset has a cloth head strap instead of hard rubber strap which makes it comfortable. It features four tracking cameras mounted on the front and two touch motion controllers. This time the headset comes in white color which gives a pretty good look.

The new Oculus Quest 2 headset comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor instead of Snapdragon 835. It has 6GB of RAM instead of 4GB which was its predecessor’s memory. The base $299 model has 64GB of storage, but the expanded model comes with 256GB storage for $399. The screens resolution is much better : 1832 x 1930 pixels instead of 1440 x 1600 in its predecessor. Most importantly, it will have 90Hz screen refresh rate which will provide better gaming experience with best Oculus Quest games.

The Oculus’s touch motion controllers still come with AA batteries rather than rechargeable built-in battery. The company has not found quite good recharging solution but they are looking forward to address this problem in future.

Oculus Quest 2 will provide a $79 Link USB-type C cable for a major extra feature. It enables you to plug it into a PC and play desktop VR games. This feature was added to Quest last year, but Oculus will discontinue Rift S making Quest the only PC VR headset.

Oculus Quest 2 will be the first VR headset to require a Facebook account sign-in rather than a separate Oculus account for its users. This linked account lets the Oculus users find Facebook friends. Ths friends list feature can be kept separate from Oculus and you don’t need to combine Oculus and Facebook identity.

Written by Abdul Samad

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