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Online Payment Gateways for Pakistani Freelancers

Receive Payments Online for Pakistani Freelancers

Are you dealing with foregin clients and searching for reliable payment gateways to collect your payments? Freelance markets are a good choice but they can take upto 20% commission on each project you do through the marketplace. There are various payment gateways available for Pakistani freelancers to collect the payment immediately without waiting for long.

1# Xoom

Xoom - Paypal Payment Service

Do your clients want to pay  through Paypal? Xoom is an online money transfer service, a good alternative for Paypal. You can pay or receive Paypal payments through this payment gateway easily. It  takes up to 10 minutes to transfer/receive the funds.

All you need is to provide your bank details(i.e IBAN Number) to your clients and your payment will arrive directly into your bank account.

2# Transferwise


It is another good payment gateway for funds transfer. Unlike Xoom, it takes less time for payment arrival. It is ideal for any kind of payment you want to make. 

You just have to provide your bank details(i.e. Transferwise) to your clients in order to receive your payments.

3# Payoneer


Good but not ideal. If you use Payoneer, first your payment will arrive in your Payoneer account then you will send it to your Bank Account. I do not recommend Payoneer when you are having Xoom and Transferwise.

Payoneer is a deal for fiverr and Upwork but not for direct clients. It can take upto 2-3 business days for payment transfer. Sometimes, it takes longer than 3 days.

In order to receive Payoneer payments, you can send your Payoneer Email to your clients.

Written by Awais Ahmad

I am a Digital evangelist and have been working with different web technologies and Digital Marketing scenarios.

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