Proven hacking techniques that hackers can use to exploit your system

When it comes to hacking, we have different techniques to exploit any system. Most of the times simple social engineering techniques work for you and hackers get your information without much effort.

Let’s talk about different techniques that hackers may use against you and steal your credit card information, passwords, or any useful information.

1- Social Engineering

It doesn’t really need code or any virus to exploit you. In social engineering, you use simple techniques to gather personal information and can use this information for personal use.

For example, someone may call you and represents himself as an agent by the bank. He may ask you for credit card info, and you will easily give it to him because he is pretending to be an agent. But don’t trust him. Once he gets the information, you may get your money lost.

This is not limited to bank call frauds but the one can find some other ways to trick the target,

Jessica Clark; a social engineer explains how easy it’s to get the info from your phone provider

2- Email Hacking

Do you see any spam emails in your email list? If yes, don’t ever open it until you are sure about it. Someone may send you a cold email and get your information.

Remember what you see is not actually what you see. Sometimes a hacker used to send emails pretending to be your close friend.

Let’s suppose if I send you a link to a game and ask you to install it on your mobile. Once you open it, play it, you will enjoy it. But on the other hand, I will exploit you because my target was achieved.

3- Trojans and Backdoors

These are great kinds of viruses as they hide their actual identity and pretend to be reliable files. Someone may attach these viruses with the files like pdf, jpeg or any else. And you won’t even see what’s going around you.

Once they do their work, they can harm your system.

One real-time example that I see was a ransomware attack. It got access to my PC and encrypted all the files. Unfortunately, the admin access to my laptop was also compromised and I was unable to install any anti-malware to remove it.

It worked silently and I was amused that how is that possible but the truth you can never deny.

4. Brute Force Attacks to Steal Passwords

Your password is easy to hack even though when you have used a password strength tool and are sure about its security. We can never say that anything is fully secured.

When it comes to hacking passwords, we can use different tools and tricks to steal your password.  Most of the time we use the passwords that are related to our life events, your best friend’s name, your date of birth and so on.  And these kinds of passwords are easy to break.

Another way that hackers use to know your password is Brute Force or Dictionary Attack.

There are words list available on the internet. They just use these words list in their brute force algorithm until your password is found and finally, they will have access to your account.

5. Website Attacks

The super cool attacks. Not every developer is concerned about security. He is rather concerned about development. There can be errors from security perspectives.

Attackers can use SQL Injection to harm your website/server. WordPress sites are found to be an easy hack for hackers due to the open-source structure of the WordPress CMS.

You can either use your power to exploit someone or save someone. It totally depends upon you how you use your powers. Can you imagine the top hacker of all time Kevin Mitnick is now a top security consultant and best seller author? So, if you are preparing to be a hacker, become the good one (Ethical Hacker).

Written by Awais Ahmad

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