Got Ransomware Virus? Now Here is What You Should Do Next

Ransomware Prevention

It’s a very dangerous malware as it won’t let you know what it’s doing. It’s a trojan which keeps working in the background and finally can damage your device.
Once you’ve got it, it will encrypt all your files and sometimes it also take the administrator access to your computer.
Ransomware creates file in which they have given the link to for payment and instructions.

Well it’s prohibited to pay them as it will be the encouragement if you pay them. They can use
it against others as they know they will get paid for it.

What to Do When You get Ransomware?

Spy Hunter is good tool to remove it but unfortunately it’s paid. The free version is having limited features and can give you timely access to detect and remove the malwares.

But there is no other choice as I have personally used it and was wondered that no other anti malware like AVAST could not be installed while this unknown but powerful Spy Hunter installed quickly while the ransomware was in my PC.

Now you have these choice:

  • Pay Authors of Ransomware
  • Format your system
  • Get expert services

SensorsTechForum has uploaded a video on how to remove ransomware. You can watch it.


Here are some cautions to help you prevent malware attacks your PC.

  • Install updated Anti Virus Software (e.g, AVAST Antivirus)
  • Do backup of your Data in a separate storage media like USB or external hard disk
  • Deep Freeze your hard disk partition if you have any important data
  • Don’t download any spammed file from unauthorized sites
  • Ignore the spammed emails
  • Daily check your system!

Written by Awais Ahmad

I am a Digital evangelist and have been working with different web technologies and Digital Marketing scenarios.

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