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The Whole Pakistan Echoed with the Soothing Sound of Azan

With the name of Allah Almighty; the most merciful , the most beneficent. With the name of Allah Almighty the most merciful, the most beneficient.

Today’s all Muslims, across the Pakistan asked Allah Almighty for forgiveness by praying Azan. We all Muslims have firm believe in Allah Almighty.

Allah is the one who listen to our voices and Allah is the one who can solve all of our problems no matter what.

Yesterday at 23 March, 2020, In Spain, the Muslims did open Azan. And Now , In Pakistan, we all Muslims asked for Allah Almighty’s mercy.

This proves the power of Islam and unity. Even Muslims are located at the different parts of world, we are united through Islam.

In this critical situation, when every country is facing lock downs and curfew like environment, I raise my voice for Kashmiri’s, for Palestine, and for all people, for all Muslims who are treated harshly. How it feels to the Kashmir’s and to all the Muslims who faced cruelty ?.

Just learn from current situations, and stand with Kashmiri’s and with the all Muslim countries and people who are treated harshly.

InshaAllah, it’s our (Muslims) firm believe that Allah Almighty will help us and save us and make us come out of that alarming situation.

All praises to Allah!

Written by Awais Ahmad

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