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Tips to write a Super Hero Resume

Super Hero Resume Formula

How to write a Super Hero Resume?

Make your Next Interview Count

Are you facing any of the following issues?

If you are constantly having bad interviews and getting no calls afterward, then maybe you have to rethink your approach and give second thoughts to your responses. But have not we all done that? We give countless thoughts to our approach and modify it many times but still the results don’t change. One of the reason is an ordinary resume.

Don’t worry we will help you to write your Super Hero Resume?

Let me break it to you this way. We are quite used to seeing ourselves the way that we want to. Our flaws are invisible to our own eyes and that is exactly why we need a pair of second eyes to put some sense into our mistakes. We will tell you a secret recipe to make your Resume from zero to Hero.

Recipe of Super Hero Resume:

1. Add Summery Skill Set


  • Communication        
  •  Quick Learning      
  • Leadership       
  • Management Skill          
  • Teamwork

2. Add Action verbs

  • Monitored       
  • Organized     
  • Lead the team

3. Quantify your Experiences

  • Add Number of projects
  • hours to our Experience

Add these tricks in your Resume and convert your ordinary resume into Super Cool Resume.

Hope it will helpful to you. Give your feedback and for more instructions comment below.

Written by Areesha Fatima

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