Top 6 tools that every freelancer must use

In your daily life, you listen much about the term Freelancing. But did you ever listen about the term freelancer’s tools? We’re going to discuss Top 6 tools that every freelancer must use.

Yes! I am talking about freelancer’s tools. When I started freelancing, I faced difficulty in maintaining my data and managing all the projects. Especially when you have joined multiple freelance market places, it sometimes creates a big mess. Just tell me if you have joined multiple freelance market places and to each account, you use a different password, would you remember all of the passwords?

I have put together all the contents for the “Top 6 tools that every freelancer must use” so that you could overcome these troubles at the beginning of your freelance career.

You’ll be amazed to know that there are some great tools which can make freelancer’s life every easy.  These tools are free so you can easily get them.

Let’s discuss each of the tools briefly.

Top 6 tools that every freelancer must use

  1. Password Manager
  2. Time Tracker
  3. Canva
  4. Grammarly
  5. Project Manager
  6. Google Drive OR Dropbox

1. Password Manager

If you’ve an account on multiple freelance market places, I’d recommend you to use Password Manager Application which has all the details about your usernames and passwords. Of Course, you don’t need to memorize each password now. Just remember the password to your Password Manager Application and it will have the data about all of your accounts.

There are many password managers applications are available so you can select any of your choices.

2. Time Tracker

Time tracking software is really worth when it comes to managing your project. It helps you to track the time and set your full focus on the project and finish it in time.

Software: Top Tracker by Toptal, UpWork also Provide its own tracker

3. Canva

It’s one of my favorite online web tools. It’s the best option for you if you are a graphic designer who just began.

You’d wonder why every freelancer should learn Canva. Let me briefly explain to you why and why not!

You use social media to promote your freelance business. You’d definitely need some rich graphical contents for posts but the problem is you don’t know how to design professional visual contents for the posts. So Canva comes here, it provides you the simple user interface and ready-made graphical contents. You can either select any one of the ready-made design or create your own.

4. Grammarly

While bidding or typing do you feel you make spell mistakes or sentence mistakes?

If yes, Grammarly is the solution to your problem. Why you need to stress yourself about the spell mistakes and re-read or re-write the whole article or bid when there is a rich tool available for you to add ease to your life.

Grammarly is a Chrome extension which points out your spell mistakes and sentence structure.

  • Open your chrome browser
  • Search for Grammarly Extension on google
  • Install Grammarly
  • Activate it and enjoy.

5. Project Manager

Time management is very crucial in every business. You set your target, work for it and finally you achieve it.

In freelance marketplaces, you give deadline or time to your clients. You set the milestones to deliver your project. Therefore, project management and time management is very important.

Project Manager Applications help you keep the record of your projects and set the date and to the project deliverables. These applications will keep notifying you until you deliver your project.

Sometimes you have 10-20 projects in the queue, you won’t really do all of them but you’ll prefer to outsource them. So time is all that matters here. Your clients have given a deadline. You’ll give the deadline to your workers too. But remember the deadline should vary.

For example, if your client gives you a deadline of 5 days, you should ask your freelancer to deliver the project within 3-4 days. It will save you from the trouble. But remembering 25 projects at a time, does it make sense? How will you remember each project? That’s project manager Application that will help to remember.

You can download Project Managers of any of your choice.

6. Google Drive OR Dropbox

Are you confused at that point? No, you shouldn’t be! After analyzing the needs I concluded that Google Drive and Dropbox can make things useful and easier for you.

Just Imagine if the project file’s size is bigger, what will you do? Would you send it directly on to your client through the marketplace?

Why not centralize the data so both of you (you and your client) can access the data?

Another reason for using these tools is your computer may crash; you may lose your data. Once your data is gone, it means all the records of your projects are gone. That’s so very bad if it happens!

So why not use tools to add fun to your life. No matter whether your computer’s hard disk crashes, If you upload your data on Google Drive OR Dropbox, later you’ll be able to access it later.

Do you know?

I hope you have got a point and now it’s time for discussion. Now it’s your time to tell about the tools that you consider important for freelancers.

If you think there’s some other tool that can really help put it down in the comment along with a brief description.

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