Top Fiverr Ranking Tips 2019

Fiverr Ranking Tips
  1. Complete you profile info
  2. Add at least 7 to 9 skills
  3. Add education,certification etc
  4. In profile description you have to describe who are you that is SEO Expert, graphic designer, web developer etc then write at least 3 to 5 years experience then add what services you are going to deliver on fiverr.
  5. Use profile picture best is to use your own but if you don’t want to use then use any logo or any picture which us attractive but you have own copy rights for that.
  6. Create at least 5 gigs minimum
  7. Turn on packages on every gig
  8. If you are new seller or level 1 then on your basic cost must be $5 and 1 day…best is to make your cost and days lowest till you get level 2.
  9. Use 3 images of high quality which explains that what the gig is for and don’t use fiverr logo on any image.
  10. Use explained video.
  11. Use PDF as your portfolio.
  12. Use right category and subcategory.
  13. Use the most relevant keywords as tags if you are unaware of keyword research open the gigs related to you category/subcategory take an idea from the first 3 gigs tags.
  14. Write description briefly must use numbering,bullets,Highlighted and bold….must be clear and to the point.
  15. In requirement section write what things you need from buyer if you belong to web category then in requirements must write you need email or login credentials so fiverr can approve that while approving gig.
  16. Don’t copy anyone’s gig data or images.
  17. Don’t share any personal info on fiverr not even on notepads if some buyer ask you to send email or anything just simply say we are not allowed to share anything personal.
  18. Don’t share remote access on fiverr if some say that because of some security issue we can send data send us Team Viewer across just report that because its a hack.
  19. Send buyer requests daily.
  20. Share your links on different social media platforms.
  21. There is no timing drama for sending buyer requests just send when ever you want to.
  22. If your gigs are old don’t have any review on them just delete that gig and create new.
  23. If your gig is not getting any orders for more then 10 days, edit your gig best is to edit tags.
  24. For those who are not getting buyer requests just check atleast 3 to 4 times daily for them else delete the gigs which have no review and create new or if you have old gigs having reviews change subcategory and edit tags or cost.
  25. Deliver on time
  26. Be humble
  27. To withdraw you have to use Paypal or Payoneer…minimum $20 are able to be withdraw
  28. 28.if you forgot your password you can login through email.
  29. Don’t use 2 accounts on same device.
  30. You can create gigs of different niches or categories on same account.
  31. Don’t cancel orders it will harm your order completion rate.
  32. Mutual cancellation is better then support cancellation in some cases.
  33. Be loyal with buyers.
  34. If you are seller you can be buyer from other sellers there is no issue in this.

Jazak’Allah ♥

Written by Awais Ahmad

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