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Top Pakistani Hacker Rafey Bloach

Rafey Bloach

Rafey Bloach is a top Pakistani Ethical Hacker and Security Researcher best known for finding vulnerabilities in the Android Operating System.

He has been featured in many National and International magazines, forums, and newspapers. He’s also been featured for bug bounty hunter programs in Google Hall of Fame, Facebook and, Paypal.

Early Career Life

Rafey in his interview says he was not a brilliant student getting high grades. Rather he was just a normal student. He says he like challenges and all that he has got is the result of his firm attitude.

He started blogging in his college life to support himself. Later when he gets admission to the Bahria University, he had the same grade issues. But he was clear about his goals and chose to work on his skills.

He implemented what he learned and finally, he is now in the top Ethical hacker’s list of the world record.

Most of the time hackers used to exploit the systems and harm others but Rafey chose a positive way and presented himself as a peace towards the cyber world.


Rafey found the vulnerability on Paypal’s systems and used to get access to Paypal’s system. He was rewarded with $10,000 for finding the vulnerability. He’s also been in Google Hall of fame and also featured on top websites including Yahoo News, Forbes, SC Magazines.


Rafey is not only an ethical hacker but an author too. He has his own publications including:

  1. Poking A Hole In Whitelist For Bypassing Firewall 
  2. Bypassing Browser Security Policies For Fun And Profit
  3. Modern Day HTML5 Attack And Defence Vectors
  4. Ethical Hacking And Penetration Testing Guide
  5. Bypassing Modern WAF’s XSS Filters – Cheat Sheet
  6. Breaking The Great Wall of Web

Written by Awais Ahmad

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