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Who is a hacker?

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A hacker is a computer expert who breaks into a computer system and gets unauthorized access to it.

Usually, when we listen to the term hacker, it reminds of a person who uses his computer skills to harm someone. But that’s not always true as there are different kinds of hackers based on their working.

Type of Hackers:

  • White Hat Hacker
  • Black Hat Hacker
  • Gray Hat Hacker

White Hat Hackers

White Hat Hackers are the ethical hacker who uses their computer skills under certain limits for legitimate purposes. They work for organizations to ensure their security.

Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hackers are dangerous hackers. They are computer criminals who can break into your system, steal important data and do whatever they want to do with it.

Gray Hat Hackers

Gray Hat Hackers combine the qualities of both white hat and black hat hackers. They work both for good and bad purposes.

Top Hackers of All Time

There are some top hackers who amused the world with their computer skills. Though some of them made up their minds and start using their skills for legitimate purposes.

Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick is a top security consultant, bestselling author, and a hacker. It’ll not be wrong if I say he is the king of hackers.

Mitnick did his first hack at the age of 13. He is notorious for his high-profile arrest and 5 years in prison for different communication and computer-related crimes.

Michael Calce

At the age of 15, when studying in Canada, he used to shut down all the famous sites including Amazon, Dell, Yahoo, eBay. Calce himself was not sure about what he has done. He had no idea of what’s getting ahead of him.

He was arrested by the FBI and was selected to 8 months in a youth detention center in charge of committing more than 50 hacking crimes. Clace himself admitted his mistakes and said: “I felt guilty.”

Written by Awais Ahmad

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