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WordPress Security: Secure Your WordPress before it gets hacked | Live Test

wordpress security

WordPress is an open-source project. Different developers have been contributing plugins, themes, and utilities for WordPress. As the structure of WordPress is not hidden so the chances of WordPress to get hacked are more.

Simple installing a security plugin is not enough for ensuring security. You must take some serious cautions and apply proper security.

Live Test

Before we discuss how to secure your site, let’s do a simple test on your WordPress site.

Open WP Analyzer and search for your site.

Now see the result, WP Analyzer must tell you the details about your current theme, plugins and the third-party tools (i.e. Cloudflare).

If you are able to see all the details of your WordPress website, then tell me how secure is your site?

Simply ensuring the password security is not enough. You can always get tricked and lose control of your website.

Let’s Secure your WordPress Site Now

The main purpose of this article is to make you able to secure your site. So, let’s get into the details.

Here I am listing down the security plugins, you must consider them.Sucuri

Sucuri: It’s a security plugin that you can install on your WordPress website and keep a track of your logs. It also protects your site from malware. And whenever any change is made on your site, it sends you (if you are an admin) the email.



WP Hide

WP Hide:  This plugin will help you change the directory(folder) name of your WordPress site.

By default your WordPress has the folders:

  • Wp-admin
  • Wp-include
    • Themes
    • Plugins
    • etc
  • Wp-content

WP Hide will enable you to change the default directories’ name and will hide it from the analyzers to detect your site.

Once you configure all of the above plugins, it’s time for the test now.

Now again open WP Analyzer and scan your website. Now Tell me is your site detectable by WP Analyzer? If No, Great! Now you have at least secured your site to be detected as WordPress.


Written by Awais Ahmad

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