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WordPress SEO: 100 % Proven Method to Speed up Your Website

WordPress SEO Speed

After looking for so many cache plugins, finally, I have found something amazing for you.

Everyone wants to get up to 90% speed but nobody wants to spend more and create a customized website as it is expensive.

I have used WP Rocket and other cache plugins. These all are good but when it comes to your business sites or eCommerce sites, they are not always going to work for you.

If you want up to 90% speed both on Google Page Speed and GTMetrix then get ready for it.

Nitropack can help you gain Maximum Website Speed (up to 90%). I personally use it. Most of the time when asking my clients what speed they want for their sites, definitely they say “Up to 100%”.

Do you know?

Your website speed affects your Google ranking score. So if your website on-page SEO score is good, your website is going to get opportunities for higher ranking.

So why not use a reliable method to improve your website speed?

How to Optimize Your WordPress SEO With NITROPACK?

Visit and test your websites. It gives you the estimated speed that your website can gain after using their services.

Here is a step by step guide on how to optimize your WordPress website within 5 minutes and it should work for you!

Step 1 :

Open your WordPress Admin Panel and Install UpdraftPlus and take the backup of your site.

WordPress Bakcup
Step 2:

Deactivate all of the cache Plugins. And now Go to your WordPress Dashboard and search for NitroPack LLC. Install and activate this plugin.

Step 3:

Now Visit and sign up for a free account.

Step 4:

Now Select the plan and Open the Connect Site tab.

  • NirtoPack Pricing
  • NirtoPack Pricing

Step 5:

Open your WordPress Website Dashboard and select Settings> NitroPack.

NitroPack Install
Step 6:

Copy-paste the keys from your NitroPack account and set activate it.

  • WordPress SEO
  • WordPress SEO
Step 7:

Set the settings to Ludicrous for better performance.

Speed UP Now

Wait for a few minutes and analyze your website’s speed using Google Page Speed or GTMetrix.

You should see the difference.

For bigger sites, sometimes this doesn’t directly work, so in that case, what can you do?

You can contact their Support team to help. The team is good as I personally have talked to them and they are responsive.

Without Nitropack, it’s possible to speed up your website but it can take your time and daily effort.


The basic plan is free and provides you 500MB storage for optimization work and show credit note below the footer on your website. But the standard and premium packages provide more space and show no credit or advertising message on your website.

NirtoPack Pricing
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NitroPack Offer


  • Result for Mobile
  • Result For Desktop
  • GTMetrix

You can speed up your WordPress website with NitroPack. Its services are awesome and helpful! So what are you waiting for? Let’s speed up your WordPress website!

How long should it take to speed up my website?

Usually, it takes 5 minutes and the optimization process automatically starts.

Does NitroPack provide support for other CMS or custom sites?

Yes, they provide API integration for many platforms including custom Php sites.

NitroPack Offer

Written by Awais Ahmad

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