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WordPress Theme Development is Quite Easy Now

WordPress Theme Development

I know when I first started looking for WordPress Theme development courses. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it. Though the official documentation is available to start the development work but the advantage of a course is it designed so to help people understand everything.

Nowadays there are courses and guide available for WordPress theme and plugin development. You can google for WordPress theme development videos and guides.

To become the WordPress dominant developer, you will have to learn something great.

Prerequisite for WordPress Theme Development

Before you learn how to develop a theme, you must learn the basics. Without learning the basics, you can’t create WordPress themes.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • JQuery
  • MySQL
  • Php

I admire DreamHost for posting an article on how to create a simple WordPress theme. You can go to there site and learn it in a few steps.

It’s not enough to create simple themes as you are going to develop themes for public or business. So you must keep their needs in your mind.


You can create your own WordPress themes, and sell them on the marketplaces like Envato Market, Theme Mojo etc.

Let’s suppose if you sell your theme for $30 and 20 customers buy it. You can calculate the revenue you will get from it.

Remember the market places cut off commission from your revenue as they provide you the platform and ensure the security. Still, at the end you will have the revenue enough for you.

Your one time effort can get you more reward.

Written by Awais Ahmad

I am a Digital evangelist and have been working with different web technologies and Digital Marketing scenarios.

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