WP Rocket- How to Speed Up WordPress for High SEO Score

WP Rocket

WP Rocket can help you optimize your WordPress Speed and make it load fast. Premium Features of WP Rocket is wonderful and lets you control your site.

It is a cache plugin for WordPress websites. If your WordPress website has a lower speed score you should optimize your website as Google prioritizes the sites for ranking that has fast loading speed.

There are different tools available to analyze the current speed of your WordPress website:

How to Configure WP Rocket Cache Plugin?

Here I will be sharing some useful configurations for WP Rocket that can help you make your website load faster.

Install the WP-Rocket Plugin and follow me.

Open the Settings panel from WordPress Dashboard Settings> Wp Rocket


WP-Rocket Cache

Open the Cache tab and checkmark the Options under Mobile Cache.

File Optimization

WP Rocket - File Optimization

Now open the File Optimization tab and checkmark all the options.


Media- Wp Rocket

Now open the Media tab dashboard and enable lazy loading.

When your website loads, it first loads all the contents and then show you. But if you enable lazy loading, the pictures and videos on your website won’t be loaded until you scroll through the web page. When you scroll, the content on the web page starts displaying. It is preferable to enable lazy loading.


Heartbeat-Wp Rocket

Click the Heartbeat tab and enable it.


Addons Wp Rocket

If you are using google analytics, Facebook pixels, Cloudflare, you should also enable these options in Add-ons tab.

If your web hosting uses Varnishing, you should also enable the Varnish option.

I’d recommend you to Integrate Cloudflare with your website too. It not only works as a CDN for you but also provides you security. It’s free, so you can use it without spending any piece of the amount.


Enable Cloudflare on your WordPress website.

Now, again analyze your website, it should have a maximum speed score.


Written by Awais Ahmad

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