Zoom Update: Zoom Released 5.0 Update With Security Improvements

Zoom Update 5.0

In recent weeks, there were rolling out news about Zoom Security. But Zoom promised to fix the privacy and security issues and now it’s fulfilling its promises. Zoom released  5.0 update with some security improvements and privacy patches. With this new update, the security features let you quickly lock meetings, restrict screen sharing, chatting, and meetings.

For security purposes, the zoom is also now enabling passwords by default for most customers. Good thing is that  IT admins can now define the password complexity level for Zoom business users.

There has been a noticed increment of millions of new users using Zoom during the COVID Pandemic.   Zoom reported a maximum of 10 million daily users back in December, but this increased to more than 200 million daily meeting participants in March.

Zoom really cares about its users and responding quickly to the issues that have been noticed. Though the new update is providing security features, there are still more issues to be fixed and needs improvement. But the CEO of Zoom Eric S. Yuan promised changes and said we’re now starting to see how exactly zoom is responding.

Written by Awais Ahmad

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